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University of Illinois Extension
Afraid of Giving Injections By Nathalie Ross Via Brown Egg Blue Egg
Aggressive Cocks By Alan Stanford, Ph.D. Brown Egg Blue Egg
By Alan Stanford, Ph. D
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Daily Chicken Care Documentary

Every wonder what it's like to care for chickens for an entire day? We have documented a full day of backyard chicken care in our mobile coop from morning until birdie bedtime.

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Our West Virginia 'pioneers' prepare for the arrival of their baby chicks in the latest installment of Atlanta to Appalachia.
By Michael Paul, Staff Writer Jun 6, 2019 Updated 15 hrs ago
How to care for your chickens in winterThis time of the year can be a challenging one for domestic chickens. Their jungle cousins won't be noticing the cold and their food source probably remains constant throughout the tropical year, but here in the colder regions chickens need extra consideration as their ground becomes saturated or denuded of greens.
Herbs and Pasture Plants for Chickens to Eat - Backyard Poultry By Amy Fewell - Chickens are the gateway livestock to every homestead, and if you're a natural chicken keeper, you've probably wondered what are some good herbs and plants for chickens to eat. From edible weeds that grow right in your own backyard, to a more extensive list, there are plenty of options for natural foraging all around you and your chickens.
Why and When Do Chickens Molt? - Backyard PoultryBy Jen Pitino - Many people wonder when do chickens molt? Molting, the chicken pundits tell us, is supposed to happen in either spring or at the end of summer as we slip in to fall weather and shorter days. According to the experts, the molting bird will lose and replace its feathers in a matter of a few weeks.
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