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University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
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Chicken Society-Are Chickens Social Animals? - Backyard Poultry Are chickens social animals? Why do they flock together? What binds chicken society? How can we avoid chicken aggression? We can observe that chickens lead complex social lives. They need familiar companions to feel safe to perform normal, healthy activities.
''I have a flock of 30 with a CLB rooster. I think I was told (could be wrong- but can't find the thread anymore) that ALL of his offspring would be barred, regardless of the hen. Is this correct?? Because they aren't. I have two that are yellow chipmunk types. The only other possible rooster that could've fathered these two (if ALL chicks will be barred) was sent to the freezer 3 wks 2 days BEFORE I set the incubator. I collected eggs for 7 days before setting. thankshttp://dlvr.it/RwXsMr
When Can Chicks Go Outside? - Backyard Poultry Add to Favorites Keeping brooders at optimal temperatures helps babies stay healthy. But when can chicks go outside? Hens will let offspring spend longer moments outside, as babies age. Wings develop and tufts form on tails. Then chests fill in. Eventually, babies have enough coverage that they no longer hide beneath wings to keep warm.
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