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Keipper Cooping became the first all wire collapsible coop to be manufactured.
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University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
Source: University of Illinois Extension
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Do you know the meaning of terms such as straight run, pip and zip, bloom, and hackle? Here's a starter kit of terms on chicken facts and physiology. 0 SHARES- PHOTO: Shutterstock Ana Hotaling by Ana Hotaling May 8, 2019 Remember that social acquain
Help your Backyard Chickens Beat the Summer HeatDid you know that the effects of heat on chickens is cumulative? And that a sudden increase in temperature is more dangerous than a gradual climb. Temperatures between 55-75 are optimal, anything higher starts to cause stress to chickens' bodies. And humidity levels above 75% make things even harder on them.
Five Things your Chickens DON'T Need this Summer Chicken keepers always seem to get far more worried about their chickens during the cold winter months than in the summer, but in reality, heat is far harder on chickens than the cold. Chickens will do just fine in temperatures down to zero and even below.
Coop cap lifted on Edmonton's urban chicken program It may not be long before more and more Edmontonians hear or see chickens roaming area backyards. The city recently lifted the cap in its urban chicken program on the amount of chicken coops allowed. "We love animals and I'm very into homesteading and gardening and composting," urban farmer Ashley Bouchard explained.
Time to Start Winterizing Chicken Coops - Backyard Poultry By Robyn Scherer, M. Agr., Colorado Is it time to start winterizing chicken coops? Snowflakes softly fall to the ground, and an icy breeze cuts through the early morning hours. Winter is coming, and with it, decreased egg production. Short, chilly days can be hard on chickens if they are not taken care of properly in the winter.
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