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The Virginia Poultry Federation is a nonprofit, statewide trade association founded in 1925 representing all sectors of the poultry industry, from farmers, to processors, to businesses that provide goods and services to the poultry industry.
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Keipper Cooping became the first all wire collapsible coop to be manufactured.
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Source and more information: https://extension.purdue.edu/Lake/article/19002
CAHFS provides specialized necropsy examinations for birds from backyard flocks
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Chick Tips with Nutrena: Transitioning Chicks from the Brooder to the Coop

Chick Tips with Nutrena: Transitioning Chicks from the Brooder to the Coop

If you bought new baby chicks this spring, they might be getting close to ready to go from the brooder to the coop. Learn from Nutrena poultry expert Twain L...

BACKYARD CHICKENS FOR BEGINNERS | How To Take Care Of Egg Laying Hens the EASY WAY | Urban Poultry

We're here to give you the basics of how we care for our backyard chickens. Including everything from food, to water, to shelter, to protection. More info in the blog post below!

Daily Chicken Care Documentary

Every wonder what it's like to care for chickens for an entire day? We have documented a full day of backyard chicken care in our mobile coop from morning until birdie bedtime.

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Floyd County commissioners are moving to change the zoning law in the unincorporated area to let homeowners with large lots keep a few farm animals for personal use.
Our West Virginia 'pioneers' prepare for the arrival of their baby chicks in the latest installment of Atlanta to Appalachia.
If You're Thinking of Raising Chickens, Take This Free Class First From House Beautiful If you've always dreamed of setting up the perfect little chicken coop in your backyard and naming your adorable first pair of hens Thelma and Louise (okay, I've obviously thought about this) but haven't got a clue where to start, you're in luck.
Forced to euthanize more than 100,000 backyard birds, California chicken owners support each other, grieve...and turn to conspiracy theories.
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