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Minnesota State Poultry Association, Sponsoring poultry and waterfowl shows and swap meets. Located in Mcleod County Minnesota. We are the Minnesota State Poultry Association in Hutchinson MN. Sponsors of APA, ABA national and regional poultry and waterf
The Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Association is located in Coweta County Georgia and holds an annual poultry show at the Coweta County fairgrounds.
Keipper Cooping became the first all wire collapsible coop to be manufactured.
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Source and more information: https://extension.purdue.edu/Lake/article/19002
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture
january 14, 2017 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies
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Virulent Newcastle Disease update Newcastle Disease Project has found no new positive detections of the disease since June 4, 2019
Showing Poultry program at the Vermillion County Fairgrounds, Community Building in Cayuga Park (325 W. Maple St., Cayuga, IN 47928) on July 25 starting at 6 p.m.
Successful Poultry Showing | Community ChickensChristine Heinrichs, veteran chicken writer, walks you through how to successfully show your poultry to judges at shows and fairs. The idea of keeping chickens may have occurred to you while you were walking the aisles at a local poultry show. "All these beautiful birds! I could do this."
If Ravenna allows chickens, what will the rules be? Whether chickens will come to roost in Ravenna backyards was the subject of a recent work session sponsored by City Council. Council debated allowing residents to keep a limited number of chickens in their backyards.
Molting. What is it and How to Help Chickens Get Through It Molting is the natural shedding of old feathers and growth of new ones. Chickens molt in a predictable order beginning at the head and neck, proceeding down the back, breast, wings and tail. While molting occurs at fairly regular intervals for each chicken, it can occur at any time due to lack of water, food or sudden change in normal lighting conditions.
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