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QC Supply has served working men and women since 1982 offering industrial supplies, farm and livestock supplies, workwear and clothing, and so much more. QC Supply prides itself on customer satisfaction and quality products.
Amber Waves Silkies Specializing in DNA sexed female Bearded Bantam Silkes.
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University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
Iowa State University Extension
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture
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By Michael Paul, Staff Writer Jun 6, 2019 Updated 15 hrs ago
Spring and summer bring severe weather in the form of storms and tornadoes. Prepare your coop to keep your chickens safe.
Long Island's Backyard Chicken Movement Tries Not to Run A-Fowl of Local Zoning Regulations | JD SupraThe backyard chicken movement that has been rapidly gaining momentum across the United States has firmly taken hold on Long Island. The desire for homeowners to raise chickens takes various forms and can be rewarding on many levels.
How Ramona chicken lovers respond to Newcastle plague Theo Neilson on chicken meetings: "Sounds like a bad idea to me." Nancy Nunke says she was the first person in Ramona that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) called after the Virulent Newcastle Disease infected bird was confirmed on Griffith Rd. on August 30.
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