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An international newspaper devoted to breeding, raising, conditioning, and showing purebred exhibition poultry.
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Source and more information: https://extension.purdue.edu/Lake/article/19002
University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
University of Illinois Extension
University of Illinois Extension
Source: Mississippi State University Extension
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Showing Poultry program at the Vermillion County Fairgrounds, Community Building in Cayuga Park (325 W. Maple St., Cayuga, IN 47928) on July 25 starting at 6 p.m.
Successful Poultry Showing | Community ChickensChristine Heinrichs, veteran chicken writer, walks you through how to successfully show your poultry to judges at shows and fairs. The idea of keeping chickens may have occurred to you while you were walking the aisles at a local poultry show. "All these beautiful birds! I could do this."
Hoffman Estates stands by ban on raising chickens Sooner or later it seems to happen in almost every suburb -- someone asks permission to raise backyard chickens. Municipalities' responses to this request have gone different ways, but Hoffman Estates officials Monday were among those showing nearly no enthusiasm for the idea.
11 Tips for Attending Poultry Shows | Community ChickensIf you have never been to a poultry show in your area, you are missing out on a fun, family-friendly event. Poultry shows can be local, regional, and national and usually are free to attend.
Customer Purchase Amber Waves Silkies Hi Debbie I wanted to let you know how well my two little girls have been doing since we brought them home last month.  I'm completely in love!  We decided to build them a brand new coop since i"m now hooked and want to get more to our flock.
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