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Andy Schneider, the Chicken Whisperer discusses how backyard poultry keepers can keep their flocks safe during outbreaks of virulent Newcastle disease.
Why and When Do Chickens Molt? - Backyard PoultryBy Jen Pitino - Many people wonder when do chickens molt? Molting, the chicken pundits tell us, is supposed to happen in either spring or at the end of summer as we slip in to fall weather and shorter days. According to the experts, the molting bird will lose and replace its feathers in a matter of a few weeks.
The Chicken Whisperer: tackling ammonia levels in backyard flocks Managing ammonia levels is usually considered a secondary issue when raising poultry, but it can have huge impacts on the birds' quality of life and productivity. According to Dr Pitesky, a poultry vet from UC Davis, ammonia can cause contact injuries and secondary infections.
The Chicken Whisperer: what to know about keeping backyard chickens According to Dr Pitesky, many of the problems that arise in backyard flocks can be traced back to issues with husbandry. Problems ranging from cracked or weak eggshells to shedding down and eating feathers are related to birds experiencing negative environmental stress.
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