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University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
Source: Mississippi State University Extension
By Alan Stanford, Ph.D. Brown Egg Blue Egg
october 3, 2017 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies
february 2, 2018 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies
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Yes, it's time to count your chickens in WarehamWAREHAM - The Board of Health wants to remind all the chicken- and rooster-owning residents of Wareham that it is now time to count those chickens ...
Backyard chickens allowed in Brandon city limitsIf you see homeowners in Brandon measuring yards, they may be planning a chicken coop, now that the city has placed its stamp of approval on the idea. A group of homeowners petitioning the City of Brandon have had their request granted.
Poultry First Aid: A Novice Starter Kit | Community ChickensAs a novice poultry keeper my first year with the flock was full of new learning experiences, some requiring poultry first aid. While most days I experienced free-range bliss, it was inevitable a bird would be injured or fall sick. I came up with a great starter kit that helped me care for my chickens, ...
Calling All Poultry Enthusiasts: Tractor Supply Offering Nationwide Event to Start or Grow Your Flock This SeasonTractor Supply Company is hosting its Fall Chick Days event at stores nationwide now through early September. Starting this week, the event will help new and experienced chicken owners maintain and grow their flock this fall with chicks, ducklings and the necessary supplies for any backyard coop. In
Why and When Do Chickens Molt? - Backyard PoultryBy Jen Pitino - Many people wonder when do chickens molt? Molting, the chicken pundits tell us, is supposed to happen in either spring or at the end of summer as we slip in to fall weather and shorter days. According to the experts, the molting bird will lose and replace its feathers in a matter of a few weeks.
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