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The ABPC is a breed club for Buckeye chickens. Learn more about these heritage chickens in bantam and large fowl.
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University of Illinois Extension Incubation and Embryology
University of Illinois Extension
october 20, 2017 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies
august 9, 2017 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies
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A local chicken breeder explains why chickens can be your petsLinda Penning crouches in the dry grass and extends her hand toward the fence. The pen is spacious, with a board propped up on one side for some extra shade. As soon as her hand reaches the fence, a flock of chickens rushes up, peeping and chirping, as if to greet their mother.
50+ Surprising Chicken Nesting Box Ideas - Backyard Poultry New flock owners are always on the hunt for creative chicken nesting box ideas, so we asked our Backyard Poultry readers to share their suggestions, pictures, and advice! Take a look at these fun and original nesting boxes, upcycled from items around the house and farm or purchased on the cheap.
Heated Chicken Waterers: What's Right for Your Flock - Backyard Poultry Add to Favorites Every season brings its own battles. In the summer, you are fighting the heat, heat strokes, perhaps, lack of water, inability to keep water cool, flies, etc. Summer weather can also bring an increase in a chicken laying soft eggs.
7 Ways To Feed Your Chicken Flock For Less It's a bad day when you realize that the "free" eggs from your backyard flock are costing you. Deciding how to feed our hens is one of the first things we do when we bring our chicken flock home. No matter what your feeding preference is, I suspect you would like to know how to feed them for less.
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