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Source: University of Illinois Extension
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''My first time hatching this breed - only three resulted from a dozen (most of the eggs were infertile) so wish me luck that they might potentially be a trio!!!!!!! Posed them on a hypertufa orb which you can see eventually develops a covering of moss with age. Also there are still some roses in bloom as well as interesting bits of leaves and branches so that makes for a good photo documentation of their appearance at the age of one day. Hope you enjoy the pics! [ATTACH... Marans Chickshttp://dlvr.it/Rs6NJM
''Good afternoon all!!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, if that's your thing. Down to it... I have gradually expanded my flock from 14 to 26 hens. We started with chicks back in April for a quarantine project for the kids. With everything, I over researched and over designed things. I came across these horizontal water nipples on a well reviewed site, not the knock offs either. I bought a bag and installed them in a PVC waterer I made for the chicks. They loved it. a drop... Horizontal Chicken Water Nipples.....Leaks?!?http://dlvr.it/Rt9yGh
''i went to let the ladies out this morning and checked the nest boxes as always and see this!!! (of course, the morning after i decide to order some dummy eggs online) i feel like such a proud chicken mom rn. this is my very first time raising chickens so it's my first ever egg and i'm so happy, a great start to my day! also included a picture of who laid it, hard to get a good picture this morning because they were so excited to be out in the grass haha [ATTACH... AHH FIRST EGGhttp://dlvr.it/Rtr5ll
''My birds are just finishing up their molt, and they're not laying any eggs at all. Usually I'll get a few every day, even during the winter, as I have 20-30 laying hens. The ducks aren't laying either. The guinea birds may be laying behind a coop. They're also eating about twice as much as usual. I set traps, but haven't caught anything. They seem healthy and happy. Any ideas?http://dlvr.it/RtqDkm
''Hi! I bought a naked neck/Silkie mix and I was wondering what the gender was, I believe it is a female but I am not 100% sure. I also have a White polish that I believe is a male but I am not sure of the age and gender. I think the white polish is about 3-4 months old and the naked neck/silkie is 2 months. Silkie/Naked neck mix: [ATTACH... Gender and age!!!!!http://dlvr.it/Rtz5p4
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