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Grit and Steel
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The World's Foremost Game Fowl Journal.

Published in the interest of those devoted to the Game Fowl.

The Oldest, continuous, and ONLY game fowl journal

PUBLISHED EACH MONTH in the United States of America.

Subscription Rates: effective July 1, 1999

1-year $24.00; 2-years $46.00; 3-years $68.00; Single Copy $4.00
Foreign Rates: 1-year $40.00; 2-years $78.00; 3-years $115.00

Advertisers - Write or call for more information.

Game Fowl Literature

To Subscribe or order Literature, send check or money order to:

P. O. Box 280
Gaffney, SC 29342

or call


Now owned, operated and managed by people like you! We own Gamefowl.

John 13:34-35

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