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As we look forward to our 121st year in business, we should look back and acknowledge the founder Frank Foy, who started the business in 1887. Frank Foy began in Des Moines, Iowa, and his son, Charles, continued the business and later moved it to Clinton, Iowa. Charles ran the business for many years from the small town of Clinton, Iowa. Thirty Eight years ago, Clair & Jan Hetland purchased the business and moved it to Golden Valley, Minnesota. Foys Pigeon Supply operated very successfully from Golden Valley, and in 2000, the Hetlands sold the business to the Gagne family. The business once again was moved and it settled in the small town of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. It is truly amazing, that a small company like Foy's, would continue to grow and be innovative after three moves and four owners over 121 years. Never a day goes by that we do not receive a call from an "old timer" who relates a story of his childhood and the joy of purchasing pigeons from the Foy's Pigeon Farm or the surprise that a company he dealt with as a very young person, is still around and doing well.

In 2007 we produced a revolutionary new catalog that is still the buzz of the pet world. This catalog was 148 pages, glossy paper, full color and chock full of not only pet products, but loads of hints, suggestions and ideas. We also allowed quality breeders to purchase advertising space to offer quality pigeons and tout their products, which we offer for sale. We printed 20,000 copies of this great catalog, fully expecting to have enough catalogs to take us well in to 2009. Well we were wrong, and, amazingly, we are completely out of catalogs. We are feverishly working towards producing a bigger and better catalog, and expect to have it ready in early 2009.

The catalog must come first, and then our friends at Media Frog, will put it on line for your enjoyment and benefit. Should you have any suggestions on how we might make your online shopping better, this is the time to contact us with your suggestions, and we urge you to do so. So many of the innovations on our web site, are a direct result of ideas supplied by our customers.

Yours in the hobby,

Jerry Gagne

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